Park Guidelines

  • 10MPH speed limit. Safety is important to us, so we strictly enforce this speed limit. 
  • Background checks All stays for a month or longer must complete our rental application, which includes a criminal background check. 
  • Mature Adults Only We maintain a retirement atmosphere with a community for 45+ adults, unless interviewed and approved by management. 
  • Children are welcome to visit after approval by management. Children must always be under adult supervision. 
  • Quiet hours are 9PM-8AM. Please help keep our campground peaceful. 
  • Pets are welcome if they are spayed, vaccinated, quiet and properly cleaned up after. Pet waste must be cleaned up immediately. Dogs must be registered with Poo Prints at the cost of the owner. There is a fine of $350 if your pets waste is found on the property. Aggressive pets are not welcome. Pets with any history of attack on a person or other domesticated animal are not permitted on Ivy Acres property. Please do not leave pets unattended outside at any time. Dogs must remain leashed. 
  • Litter free is how we like to keep our park. Help us keep it clean. Please discard litter and cigarette butts properly. 
  • Garbage should be bagged securely to help keep out wildlife. Trash service is offered for nightly rentals only. Please leave bags by the road before 9am for staff to remove. Do not leave garbage outside overnight. 
  • Fire pits have been placed around our campground for your convenience. Personal firepits to be approved by management. Only wood is permitted for burning, no leaves, paper, or plastic. 
  • Two car limit per campsite. Extra trailers, etc. require additional monthly charges. 
  • Motorcycles and mopeds may be used for transportation to and from the park. Please be mindful of noise when doing so. No open headers. No ATV’s, dirt bikes or gas golf carts. Electric golf carts must be registered with office and have proof of liability insurance.
  • Disorderly Conduct including, but not limited to intoxication, profanity, fireworks, firearms, illegal drugs or loud music will not be tolerated and expressly prohibited. 
  • Vehicle washing to be discussed with management as additional charges may apply. NO vehicle repairs or oil changes in the park. 
  • Rates are based on two persons. Extra campers require additional charges. 
  • Monthly rent is due on the 1st. $5.00 per day late fees apply after the 6th. Meters are read during the last week of each month. A minimum of one week notice is required when leaving a monthly site. Ivy Acres RV Park expressly reserves the right to increase rent upon written notice, to be effective 30 days after written notice has been provided.
  • Site Appearance No clotheslines, baby pools or tent sheds. We reserve the right to maintain a tidy site appearance and request removal of items. Owner expressly reserves the right to remove such items at its sole discretion.
  • Grass Do not drive/park on grass. Any items placed by renter in grass areas are the responsibility of renter to weed eat and maintain. Any items that have the potential to kill grass must be approved by management prior to placement.  
  • Hook Up Only threaded fittings are allowed to be connected to our pipes. 
  • Storage Trailers, boats, additional vehicles and/or other storage needs are accommodated with a monthly fee. Speak with management to arrange. 
  • All rigs must be kept clean, properly repaired and remain maintained to be moveable at any time.
  • Camping is an outdoor experience subject to Mother Nature. There are no refunds or credits due to discomforts of nature, early departures, or otherwise. 
  • Any home or storage area on Ivy Acres property is strictly off limits, unless accompanied by Ivy Acres staff. This applies to the inside of the office as well. 
  • All guests must sign Park Guidelines and Release of Liability waiver for each stay at Ivy Acres. 
  • Guests must provide a copy of a valid State ID or Driver’s license.

The owners assume no responsibility for accidents, injuries or loss on our premises. The owners reserve the right to terminate the stay of any person for any reason, at any time. Those who do not abide by these rules will have reservations terminated immediately with no refund. The owners reserve the right to make any changes in park rules at any time

Surround yourself in nature.